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Lethbridge High Level Train Bridge

Welcome to Lethbridge, AB

The city of Lethbridge, AB is located 210 kilometres south of Calgary, AB and covers an area of nearly 130 square kilometres.

The city is bisected by the Oldman River and it’s river valley has been turned into one of the largest urban park systems in North America. The city is Alberta’s third-largest by population after Calgary and Edmonton – 101,482 residents in 2019.

An elevation of almost 930 m and proximity to the Rocky Mountains provides Lethbridge with cooler summers and milder winters. This also protects the city from strong north west and south west winds and contributes to frequent Chinook winds during the winter months.

Lethbridge winters are the mildest in Canada’s prairie provinces, reducing the severity of cold periods and resulting in fewer days with snow cover. The average daily temperature peaks around the end of July, when it reaches 26 °C. The temperature reaches a maximum of 35.0 °C or more once or twice a year.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Lethbridge was 40.5 °C on August 10, 2018. The lowest temperature ever recorded was −42.8 °C on January 7, 1909, December 18, 1924, January 3, 1950, and December 29, 1968.

Photo credit Travhillier, WikiMedia Commons